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Approaching Halloween

16 Oct 2018

Approaching Halloween

Once upon a time, it was barely mentioned on these shores; now Halloween has become big business in the UK. For retailers, it is now the third biggest cash-cow after Christmas and Easter. Over in the States, a quarter of all 'candy' sold annually is for Halloween.

So how as Christians should we respond?

- Is it a 'demonic holiday' to be shunned and avoided at all costs?
- Is it merely a cultural festival that Christians may legitimately participate in? After all, where's the harm in a pumpkin and a few sweets on a Wednesday night?
- Is it something to be redeemed? An opportunity to host a counter-event in order to proclaim the good news?

We'll be thinking about some of these questions in our 'church family times' over the next couple of Sundays. In the meantime here are some resources to help you and your house / family navigate the issues, and decide how to approach things this year. 

- A blog post by the Good Book Company about how we should approach areas of freedom in the Christian life: Should Christians take part in Halloween celebrations?

- A balanced piece by the people at Got Questions: Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

- A helpful post by the Good Book Company about answering children's questions about Halloween: Answering children's questions at Halloween

- A thought-provoking and provocative piece challenging some of our inconsistencies as Christians: Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Finally - don't forget, as a church family we will be hosting a Bright Party on 31 October. See News and upcoming events for more details. All warmly invited!