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Wine tasting

By Ben Vane, 29 Jan 2019

Wine tasting

When we think of Jesus, we think of stained glass windows and cathedrals and dreary church lunches. We certainly don’t think of wine tasting events, and high quality parties, and large quantities of booze. But when you read the eye witness accounts of Jesus’ life, the real Jesus is full of surprises. 

And so on 28 February, here in St Thomas church we're hosting a wine tasting event. We've got a top wine consultant from Beverley Hills California coming to lead the evening.  At half time, as we move from tasting the white to the red wine, our vicar Rich will give a short talk from the eye witness account of Jesus' life about a time when Jesus turned water into huge quantities of high class wine.  

  • Thursday 28th February, 7.45pm
  • Tickets £5 by emailing the Church Office: