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Dig Deeper: is the Bible fact or fiction?

08 Jan 2020

Dig Deeper: is the Bible fact or fiction?

Thursday 23 Janaury, 8pm

Is the Christian faith based on fiction or fact? What evidence is there that the recorded events in the Bible actually happened? How do we know the text hasn't been changed and embellished down the centuries like a giant game of chinese whispers? How can we be sure things haven't been lost in translation? At our upcoming Dig Deeper seminar we'll be considering the arguments in favour of trusting the Bible as historically reliable.

'Dig Deeper' is the name we give to our once-a-term whole church teaching seminars. We have a short talk on a topic of Christian living or truth. There’s plenty of time for discussion in groups and a chance at the end to ask questions to the speaker. We meet in the Main Church Building, beginning at 8pm and all done by 9.15pm.